Evolving the Organization

Global Mindset & Cross-Cultural Teaming

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As the economy trends towards greater integration and interdependency, companies need to understand the importance of cultural diversity on personal and organizational effectiveness.

Leaders need to assess the impact of globalization on their business operations, and the strategic considerations necessary to compete ethically and effectively in this dynamic marketplace. They also need to be sensitive to the needs of individuals they supervise or work with. This course discusses both needs.

As a result of this program, participants will be able to:  

   - Define some cultural frameworks

   - Discuss the importance of a adopting multiple frames or perspectives

   - Identify key elements of a global mindset – social, psychological and systemic

   - List some micro- and macro-affirmations, and their impact on trust

   - Build trust and Influence in cross cultural teams in the workplace

   - List some effective techniques in influence, cultural sensitivity and communications

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