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This program teaches managers and executives the fundamental tools for developing and managing a business that is connected to the global economy. It teaches tools and perspectives for assessing opportunities to link a business to the global economy through relationships in sourcing, distribution, or marketing and sales.

Attendees will learn how to identify and evaluate opportunities, and take steps to mitigate risks. They will learn how to configure the company’s operating, financial, and technology activities to take advantage of global opportunities.

As a result of taking this course, participants will be able to:

   - Assess global opportunities for sourcing, distribution, and marketing/sales

   - Identify global sources of innovation for their industry and company

   - Identify and evaluate the success factors and business risks of connecting to the

     global economy

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We tailor courses to meet your needs, using our all-business-practitioner faculty. To discuss available options for this course, including length, delivery mode, and reinforcement, please call Corporate Learning Solutions at (847) 574-5322, or email us at CLS@lfgsm.edu.