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Managing Your Personal Brand

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Individuals are more likely to hire, promote or refer people they know, like and trust. Just as companies invest in marketing to build the brands of their products, today individuals are finding value in marketing themselves within their organization. The product is YOU. What are you known for? It is more important than ever that your “personal brand” communicate your expertise and qualifications - and how you create value for your company.

In this highly energetic presentation, participants will gain a better understanding of the importance of articulating and communicating what makes them unique, and how to package their potential in order to drive their own careers.

As a result of taking this course, participants will be able to:

   - Discuss how managing their personal brand fits into career development

   - Identify ways a consistent personal brand communicates expertise and value

   - Describe ways to increase their credibility and reputation over time

   - Identify their unique value proposition

   - Concisely communicate the value of their achievements

   - Craft an individual brand statement

   - Practice developmental conversations with their managers

   - Discuss how to establish their brand at all levels of the organization

   - Describe how to feature their brand in e-mail, conference calls and networking events

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