EQ: Emotional Intelligence

Course Overview

In today’s complex and challenging work environment, the ability to understand and manage your feelings and those of others is critical to build effective relationships. Enhanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the difference between average and outstanding leaders. Determine your EQ and learn how to leverage your style with others. This program is designed to help participants become more aware of Emotional Intelligence and how to optimize it to become more successful.

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Key Outcomes

Emerging Leaders
Leading Others
Leading Leaders

New professionals are working to broaden their business skills in preparation for taking on more responsibility in the future. In this program, Emerging Leaders will gain introductory knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and identify their strengths and areas for self-improvement.

In this session you will learn to:

 - Describe the evolution and key concepts of Emotional Intelligence

 -  Build a clear business case for EQ and its impact on job performance

 - Appreciate the EQ model, understanding how self-awareness, self-management and relationship management are essential skills

 - Consider your current level of EQ and develop a goal for self-improvement in one area

Individuals who manage people and/or processes are responsible for getting things done through other people. Managers equipped with a well-developed self-knowledge and understanding of how EQ works are more effective at managing their teams and driving for results. In this course, managers learn how to take insights from EQ and apply them in the work place to reinforce relationships and build camaraderie resulting in smoother operations, stronger team dynamics and better results.

In this course you will learn:

 - How to identify your strengths as a leader using EQ results

 - Methods for leveraging EQ knowledge as you relate to your team members

 - How to recognize situations in which the EQ of others comes into play

 - How to develop your EQ strengths and improve on gap areas

Organizations led by emotionally intelligent executives are far more likely to have engaged employees who are committed to organizational goals and effective at delivering results. This program will help leaders see their organization through the EQ lens. By understanding your own and your organization’s EQ makeup, you will be better positioned to steer the organization through change and keeping the focus on the ultimate goal.

In this program you will learn:

 - The brain science behind EQ to fully understand its mechanics

 - How successful leaders at other organizations have successfully leveraged EQ to their advantage

 - How you as a leader can leverage your own EQ strengths and fortify areas of weakness to lead the organization more effectively