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Knowledge Transfer: ShareSmarts

Program Highlights

Expert knowledge is critical to business success, especially the tacit knowledge and expertise that comes from years of organizational experience. To capture this critical knowledge from experts and transfer it to the needed recipients (protégés), a proven knowledge transfer process is essential. Participants in this program will learn such a proven, consistent and reliable knowledge transfer process, receive the tools and templates needed, and transfer critical knowledge during the sessions and into the future.

Knowledge Transfer: ShareSmarts® helps participants:

  • Develop an action plan for knowledge transfer
  • Perform knowledge transfer on at least two subject areas using the appropriate tools.
  • Learn how to use the ShareSmarts toolkit to continue transferring and capturing knowledge on remaining subjects and additional subjects in the future.
  • ShareSmarts Knowledge Transfer is ideal for capturing knowledge from highly skilled individual contributors or managers who are critical to the success of the business.

  • Delivered in-person for up to 18 participants in two half day or one full day session. 

  • Session 1

    Alignment Phase
    Identifying knowledge areas, prioritizing collection goals, determining appropriate knowledge templates and tools.

    Session II

    Action Phase
    Implementing knowledge tools and template, to transfer highest priority items first. Debrief
    with facilitator, plan coaching check-in call, plan ongoing implementation.

  • Erica Nelson

    Erica Nelson
    Nelson Performance Cevelopment, LLC

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