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Executive Presence

Program Highlights

Ambitious employees are highly valuable within an organization. However, before advancing to a leadership position, they must first build and refine their executive presence. With this interactive program, participants will learn how to identify and demonstrate the actions, traits and behaviors that can establish credibility and prepare an employee for a leadership position. 

Executive Presence helps participants:

  • Identify components of leadership credibility
  • Demonstrate reputation-building behaviors
  • Identify leadership traits and behaviors to develop
  • Review basic techniques, such as improving visibility and positive image
  • Detail behavior and communication etiquette
  • Executive Presence is for anyone who wants to improve their credibility in order to influence others and elevate their reputation in the workplace 

  • Delivered in-person or virtually  for up to 25 participants as a half day program

  • Session I
    Connect the ABCs of perception

    Session II
    Components of leadership credibility

    Session III
    How behavior has different effects on different audiences

    Session IV
    Techniques to develop leadership traits and behaviors

  • Max Reed

    Max Reed
    Vice President of Program Sales

    Sima Dahl

    Sima Dahl
    International speaker, trainer, and coach

    Pat Marshall

    Pat Marshall
    SynerChange Chicago

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