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Everyday Innovation

Program Highlights

It’s increasingly difficult for companies to keep pace with the market. “Good management” practices for driving efficiency can also be a barrier to change. To lead innovation, participants will acquire new tools and processes for managing innovation initiatives within their organizations. Leaders can create an environment where new ideas and appropriate risk-taking is valued by breaking down internal assumptions. 

Everyday Innovation helps participants:

  • Craft “innovation-ready” questions to solicit creative answers
  • Conduct a group ideation technique that garners ideas from 100% of participants
  • Define “innovation-ready” evaluation criteria that allow great ideas to move forward
  • Identify gaps in action planning to improve innovation success
  • Everyday Innovation is ideal for companies that need people to share ideas better, create a stronger, more collaborative culture, and increase business insights. 

  • Delivered in-person or virtually for up to 20 participants as half or full day programs

  • Session I
    Managing the Stages of Organizational Change

    Morning Session II
    Strategic Innovation and Organizational Evolution

    Morning Session III
    Building Power and Influence

    Afternoon Session I
    Leading Cultural Change

    Afternoon Session II
    Guided Change Group Activity

    Afternoon Session III
    Business Challenge Work Groups

  • Pat Marshall

    Pat Marshall
    SynerChange Chicago

    Jill Anderson

    Jill Anderson
    Owner/Head Coach
    The Avenue Development Group

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