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Emotional Intelligence

Program Highlights

Working with people means working with emotions. In today's complex and challenging work environment, the ability to understand and manage one’s own feelings, as well as those of others, is critical to building effective relationships. Knowing yourself and how you react to others is a skill that needs to be honed on the job.

Emotional Intelligence helps participants:

  • Develop tools to effectively work with people and the emotions they bring
  • Identify ways in which to be more empathetic to team members
  • Learn how to listen while keeping emotions in check to resolve conflict effectively
  • Emotional Intelligence is ideal for companies that need people to share ideas better, create a stronger, more collaborative culture, and increase business insights. 

  • Delivered in-person or virtually  for up to 20 participants as a half or full day program

  • Session I
    How Does Emotional Intelligence Relate to Leadership?

    Session II
    Three Principles of EQ Used by Effective Leaders

    Session III
    Five Traits of the EQ Model

    Session IV
    Develop an Action Plan for Improvement

  • Pat Marshall

    Pat Marshall
    SynerChange Chicago

    Jill Anderson

    Jill Anderson
    Owner/Head Coach
    The Avenue Development Group

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