CDW Alumni Testimonials

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management believes the most valuable way to see how an MBA from LFGSM can make a difference in your career is to hear it from coworkers who have already experienced it. LFGSM is proud to have 29 alumni at CDW and here are a few of their success stories: 

Grace Tumuti

  Grace Tumuti
  Supervisor, Vendor Incentives Collections, CDW 
  LFGSM Class of 2011

“Getting my MBA allowed me to gain a broader understanding of all functions within a business. With a bachelor’s degree in teaching, I found it challenging to compete in the business environment without the necessary credentials. The Lake Forest MBA allowed me to overcome this challenge. I have a great interest in global business, and opted to take the Asia global practicum. The program provided an opportunity to tour manufacturing facilities in China, some of which are business partners that we interact with at CDW, and to complete a consulting project Thailand. This experience allowed me to gain a broader business and cultural perspective. The knowledge I gained from the program and from my peers in the classroom has allowed me to contribute in more ways at CDW, and helped me gain promotions over the last few years. Recently, I was able to make a career change from operations to Finance. Most important, I made great friends and valuable contacts through the program.”

Darin Mock  Darin Mock
  Director of Software Sales, CDW
  LFGSM Class of 2009

“When I talk about my Lake Forest MBA, I always find myself speaking to the importance of diversity of thought and long- term vision that the MBA has taught me. In my previous management positions, I found myself concentrating on the next 30 days and focused around one way of doing things so I could accomplish the task at hand. Today, I find myself focusing on new horizons for making the business successful specifically focusing on new and innovative ways to outpace current market growth and take market share from our competitors. This thought process simply never existed within me when I had an undergraduate degree. I am very confident I will continue to pull key business learnings from my experiences at LFGSM for years to come.”

Sue Granquist  Sue Granquist
  LFGSM Class of 2009
  Sr. Manager, Marketing PMO, CDW

“With over 20 years of experience, I found myself with a breadth of knowledge that was extremely “deep” within my role, but not very “wide” across the other areas of business. I needed a way to connect my experience across finance, sales and marketing in order to make the next career move. My Lake Forest MBA broadened the opportunities I was qualified to pursue and, within a year of graduation, I was promoted.”