Memorable Business Moments that Built Brands

Kathy Leck

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

colorful  MARKETINGtext barcode, vectorWhat were the most interesting moments for businesses’ representing their brands in recent months?

At Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, we like to help students learn from best practices of businesses that make the news or that stand out for exemplary creativity in their brand communication approach.   See if you agree with some of our picks for memorable business moments in last 12 months.

A Touch Down for Oreo Cookies

When the lights went out at the Super Bowl in New Orleans, advertisers were left scrambling with dead air and a lot of confusion both with viewers onsite at the game and remote audiences.  One brand however was prepared and took advantage of the “lights out” situation with a creative spin that won them a favorable and memorable impression with consumers.

Oreo acted quickly to create an image with the caption “You can still dunk in the dark” and placed the image and message on Twitter.  The famous tweet is still in the top ten most successful posts on Twitter and it earned Oreo Cookies more than 18,000 retweets and engagements on the social network.  The lesson in that is simple.  Be prepared!  Opportunities can happen (particularly in digital marketing) in an instant.

Coca Cola© Got Personal

The beverage company was awarded the title of “Creative Marketer of the Year” at Cannes in 2013 but rather than rest on that achievement, the marketing team pressed forward with very successful campaigns that saw an increase of 3% in volume growth in European markets.   Leading that growth was a creative approach that encouraged consumers to “Share a Coke” with bottles that could be personalized with the consumers name.  An interesting and unexpected approach that appeared to have won new market share for the soft drink giant.

The West Jet© Real Christmas Miracle

The video that went viral because it was about a corporation fulfilling actual Christmas wishes.  West Jet staged a marketing exercise at the Pearson International Airport (Toronto) and at a second airport in Hamilton Ontario.   The airline installed a life sized projection of Santa Clause who asked boarding travelers to share their Christmas wish.  The passengers requested items that varied from “socks” to a large screen television before boarding their flight.

The magic happened at the end of the flights at the arrival destination where instead of luggage, large wrapped presents were delivered to the baggage carousel.  Each parcel had a name of the traveler and their requested gift inside.   Watch the video that went viral (and which netted West Jet impeccable corporate goodwill and brand loyalty).

What recent key marketing or business innovations or events were memorable for you?

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