Student Spotlight: Amanda Ewertowski

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Friday, May 15, 2015

With only two courses left before completing her MBA, Amanda Ewertowski has much to share about her experience as a student at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Amanda has directly applied the insights and networking opportunities offered during her MBA program to launch a new non-profit organization with a goal to create educational impact and opportunities for students around the world.

As a participant in the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Global Focus trip to Bogota, Colombia, in February 2015, Amanda gained both business insight and personal connections that have enabled her to participate in a worthwhile humanitarian project.

“I had the amazing opportunity to go on the Global trip this year to Bogota, Colombia, which provided me the chance to experience another economy first hand. The lessons learned were invaluable and ones I would not have learned in the role that I am in now,” said Amanda.

The Global Focus trip enabled Amanda to align herself with a non-profit organization that was conceptualized by other MBA students on the trip.

“One of projects that another team worked on in Bogota was social entrepreneurship and out of that project came the idea to create a not-for-profit organization. I was excited about the project and asked if I could be part of their talented team. We filed our Articles of Incorporation for the ‘Global Higher Education Organization’ to serve and empower youth through higher education around the world.”

When asked about the measurable impact of experience gained from her MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Amanda commented: “Creating [the] ‘Global Higher Education Organization’ from the ground up has given me the opportunity to pull together several key learnings from our MBA program including, but not limited to, creating a strategic plan, marketing plan, and forming an organization from scratch.”

Amanda began her career with her current employer CDW-G (a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare in North America) as an Account Manager in March of 2000. Fifteen years later Amanda enjoys her role as a Sr. Program Manager with CDW-G, managing multi-billion dollar portfolios for healthcare, education and state and local business units. You can connect with Amanda on LinkedIn.

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