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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Share the Impact

We are presently running a contest to gather some of the business impact stories we hear Students and Alumni sharing every term.   At Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, we want to know how our iMBA or LMBA programs are creating impact within the organizations and business environments of our students and graduates.

For more information on the ‘Share Your MBA Impact Contest’ please visit our announcement page for contest details and to learn how you can win 1 of 3 tablets for submitting your story.

We’re received some very positive and interesting submissions so far, and we’d like to share some of the excerpts from them.

“[It] had a profound effect on my professional work life because I learned how to see people as people, not as resources to be managed.  This would never have happened without the LFGSM philosophy of “learn from experience”.  After I earned my Masters in 1990, I was able join the LFGSM faculty so that I could also share what I’ve learned, and to help make an impact on the lives of others. “ 

David Lum

“What does compliance and ethical practices mean in the corporate world? As an engineer for over 12 years I decided to expand and grow my career by attending LFGSM MBA Program. What I learned from my MBA was how to use my skills more towards the greater good. I learned how to apply my compliance and ethical practices to help my customers grow in their own understanding of business and what it means to have compliant and ethical practices in every part of their business.” 

Denise Dougherty

“A week after graduating from LFGSM, I became the CEO of Sarasota Medical Products.  LFGSM laid the foundation to move forward with a solid vision for the future. We created value for SMP through strategic partnerships with innovative companies in oxygenation therapy, Biologics, and antimicrobial agents. Two years of production and over a million dollars in sales have proven that LFGSM develops leaders to create, build and grow a company in challenging economic times.”

Dr. Walter F. Leise III

How has your MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management created measurable impact within your business organization?  Submit your story through our App on Facebook and share your MBA success story.


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