Returning to School As a Mature MBA Student

Carolyn Brune

Friday, April 25, 2014

There are many reasons a person may consider going back to school after 40.  Most people decide to go back to finish or augment their current education when they have attained industry experience in an effort to improve their employment prospects. Some may have delayed the pursuit of focused career advancement to raise a family.   Students are returning to post-secondary education for personal and professional gratification, and to become more marketable in an ever increasingly competitive job market.

Is there a stigma associated with going back to school as a returning adult? Many people who consider embarking on this adventure do so with some concern or trepidation.  Will they be the oldest person in the class?  Not likely.  In reality, the “mature student” is a trend that has been around since the 1970’s and it continues to grow particularly in challenging economic climates.

Preparing to be a Mature Student

Before making the decision to go back to school, do your research.  Getting your MBA doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a  new job or promotion, even though many experts agree that attaining an MBA puts your qualifications as an industry leader to the front line of qualified applicants within your niche.

If you are looking to make a career change,  an MBA can help you segue into a new sector and  open doors to higher management and promoted executive leadership roles.   Advancing your potential within your current organization by completing your MBA is the reason many mature students return to complete their post-graduate studies and to hone key leadership and management skills.  Other opportunities such as group collaboration coursework and events (including our Global Practicum) allow students to network and make valuable industry connections.

Commitment and the Culture of Experience

Going back to school is making an investment in yourself financially, as well as in terms of time and energy.   Before you enroll there are a few considerations.

  • Are you able to manage study in tandem with other responsibilities including your employment, family and other business and personal obligations?
  • Can you arrange employer sponsorship or appropriate financing for your complete MBA before you begin?  Does it fit in your personal budget?

For adult students it is important to ensure that you have the support of your family, and that your partner (if any).  Certain accommodations will need to be made to allocate time for projects and coursework and their support and understanding is important to the successful completion of your MBA.   Remember that the flexibility in our curriculum is designed for returning students like you, to be able to balance study, employment and family life.

If you have arrived at the decision to pursue your Lake Forest Graduate School of Management LMBA or iMBA program, you may rest assured that you will network with talented business leaders and managers of all ages and experiential background.  As a seasoned business professional, what you have learned in day-to-day practice will be applied to new tools and methods to further hone your skills as an accomplished and effective leader.

In the business world, the currency of success is experience.  We welcome our returning mature students to our MBA program and have supports in place with our Career Services Department.

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