What is the R.O.I. of an MBA? Is it Worth the Investment?

Ellen McMahon, EdD

Monday, March 31, 2014

Traditionally whenever there is volatility within the economy, students pursuing their MBA in an adverse job market become concerned about the competition for management roles and the return on investment for their studies.    When you consider both the investment of time and money, it is a valid question for students to consider.

As part-time students pursue their Leadership MBA Program at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management they may choose to take a long study (four years) or shorter route (up to twenty-four months) to graduate depending on their needs. However the flexibility of the Leadership MBA Program allows for students to remain with their current employers and apply what they are learning immediately within their organization.  This both benefits employers as well as students who can put their learning into action.

Whether you complete your MBA on a full-time or part-time basis, on-campus or from distance learning online, the skills and experience you gain at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management places you  in advance of non-MBA graduates, having demonstrated the training required to effectively plan and strategically lead teams in the workplace.

Non-Monetary MBA Benefits

Students who return to complete their MBA reflect on a number of non-monetary motivations which compel them to return to study.  Some report that they appreciate the opportunity to reflect on their learning while they continue with their current role, while others may evaluate new possibilities or even a career change as a result of their MBA.  It is an exciting opportunity to turn the focus on your career and your business aspirations.

The opportunity to meet and collaborate with others either on-campus or via distance or online learning creates a business advantage where you may network with other students and faculty.  Some of these connections will support your successful study at Lake Forest while others may remain as longer term business opportunities.   Surround yourself with business leaders and expand your post graduate potential.

Working side-by-side with other working professional students and managers can give you a depth of leadership experience.  Learning to work productively with a team of dynamic managers will give you the essential skills to help you manage diversity in personality and management style.

We’d like to hear your opinion.  What personal value and return on investment do you place on your MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management?  Where would you like your MBA to take you professionally post-graduation?


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