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Highlights from the June 2014 MBA Commencement Ceremony

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Dr. Neil Holman, Dean of Corporate Learning Solutions, welcomed the MBA Graduates and opened the commencement ceremony on Sunday June 29th.  John Popoli, President and CEO of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management addressed the Graduates in an opening speech to congratulate the students on behalf of the Faculty, Staff, Board of Directors and Business Advisory Council.

“Your minds have expanded to encompass those new ideas and perspectives that will forever impact your lives and careers – possibly in ways you have never imagined.  You are a different and better person than you were when you started your MBA program.” John Popoli.

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Global Focus Lessons Learned

Author: Ellen McMahon, EdD

Thursday, June 26, 2014

poland 3

Now that the week-long study program in Krakow and Warsaw Poland is over and I have reviewed the student reflection papers and their consulting presentations I am struck again by how important global programs are. Not only does the Global Focus program at LFGSM provide an opportunity for students to apply what they learn in class to issues or opportunities in a global context, but it also gives each of them the opportunity to navigate daily routines in that same global context.

The consulting projects, all US companies exploring expansion into Poland, helped structure the kind of meetings and companies visited. Through the lectures of local faculty, students were able to understand the history and context of economic transformation in Poland.  Our primary local faculty, Dr. Kris Gluc, posed provocative questions that triggered debate and reflection.

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Lessons from the Frontlines of Entrepreneurship

Author: Manish Shah

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I have distilled the most important lessons from my experience as an entrepreneur.

Develop EQ

To be a successful leader one needs high Emotional Intelligence. Having a high IQ and technical skills are necessary but not sufficient traits for leadership success. Emotional intelligence comprises of qualities such as:

  • Self-Awareness—a clear understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses,
  • Self-Regulation—control of one’s emotions and ability to channel them to create a positive impact,
  • Motivation—achievement not just for external gain but for internal fulfillment,
  • Empathy—understanding of other peoples’ perspectives and feelings in making decisions, and
  • Social Skills—skillful management of relationships with other people. These qualities can be developed by self-awareness and reflection.

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