Official Blog Launch and Creating Conversation with LakeEffects

Ellen McMahon, EdD

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Every school has a story.  Our story at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management is comprised of daily interactions within the classroom, on-campus, online and around the world.  It is because of the diversity of our students and distance learning that we are compelled to communicate our culture and community.  Our goal is to ensure that no matter where you access your MBA, that you are immersed in the qualitative student experience at Lake Forest and become part of the LFGSM community and network.

It is my pleasure to introduce and welcome our new blog ‘Lake Effects’.   As part of our marketing initiative for 2014, we are investing resources into developing interesting, useful content for our students and faculty.   Some of the articles will be focused on news items and trending topics in the areas of business management, marketing, healthcare or human resources reflecting changes to our regional and global niche industries.

Other articles on the Lake Effects blog will reflect our vibrant social and academic culture, with featured articles from faculty providing their expertise and opinion.  We will also be furnishing useful tips for the professional development of our students.   Watch for more tips and informatics shared on our Facebook page.  Remember to connect with us on your social networks to access and share our posts and articles.  We invite you to get into the conversation with Lake Forest! And we want to hear from you.

How You Can Get Involved

There are a number of ways our faculty and students can get involved as contributors to the ‘Lake Effects’ blog.   Is there an unofficial or charitable event that we should be aware of?  Share it with us by emailing  with a note and pictures (if available) of the event.  We would love to share student generated content on our blog.   Help us communicate the Lake Forest culture and community.

As always your opinion and feedback matter to us.  If you have enjoyed one of our daily posts on  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn communities leave a comment and let us know.  If the information was meaningful for you, share our Lake Effects with others while augmenting your own social feed with authority business topics and discussion.

Welcome to our new blog!

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Ellen McMahon, EdD 

Dean, Faculty Relations and Degree Programs


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