The Demographic of the Returning LFGSM MBA Student

Barbara Siegel

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One of the most frequent comments we hear when hosting preview events at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management pertains to the average age or background of our returning MBA students.  By the time most students have determined that they wish to pursue their MBA, they have already acquired many years of experience within their professional and niche market.  In fact, our average student has about fourteen (14) years of post graduate experience before attaining their MBA.

Working their way through a variety of employers or levels of opportunity, the typical Lake Forest Graduate School of Management MBA graduate is someone in their 30’s or 40’s. Their pursuit of continuing education is aimed at opening doors to higher management positions within their organization in some cases.  In others, it reflects a goal toward a progressive career change.  In other cases, functional experts look to gain a broad business perspective – as the leadership MBA is a general management business degree.

Our program is designed for experienced professionals  who stem from a variety of niche sectors.  The common factor is the drive for career success and advancement, while managing family and work/life balance.  You will feel right at home with our instructors and innovative peers within your program.

What Motivates MBA Students?

“With a new-hire rate of 86% reported by the graduate Management admission council (gMac), MBA graduates are only second to job seekers in the field of health sciences. MBA graduates also enjoy another significant advantage in the labor market: they are still among the best paid professionals in the United States.”  Forbes, “Are Business Degrees Recession-proof?”   Sept. 14, 2012

In short, your MBA is a professional asset that weathers any volatile job marketplace as it puts qualified, experienced candidates to the forefront for the best corporations and business opportunities.  The completion of an MBA program is a benchmark standard for expertise in management and business, and Lake Forest Graduate School of Management is recognized for academic excellence preparing the business leaders of tomorrow.

Our MBA program provides real world and relevant skill sets that are in high demand by employers in a variety of sectors.

Your MBA can help you to:

• Prepare for higher level positions and break into the executive suite
• Think and speak in broader business terms as leaders with credibility
• Create and inspire change within corporations
• Enhance existing functional expertise with a diversified business perspective
• Lead more effectively in an increasingly global business world
• Champion new and different ways of doing business as entrepreneurs
• Gain access to diverse people in other industries and get infusions of fresh thought to bring to the job
• Elevate the value of business contributions by keeping knowledge cutting edge and relevant

Watch for an upcoming preview night to learn more about our culture of academic excellence and award winning faculty.


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