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Thursday, August 14, 2014

You can learn from academic leadership that has lengthy experience in business processes, but are not engaged in competitive business practice.  The second choice?  You can learn from faculty that are presently engaged in business leadership roles.

What is of greater value to an MBA student looking for the competence, confidence and ability to contribute in order to advance their career and opportunities in today’s job market?

When we review the business impact stories shared by the Alumni at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, we are presented with the tangible and measurable value of our practitioner faculty.  Some of the most common comments and feedback from our students reflect the mentorship relationship between students and our practitioner faculty.  Taking learning out of theory and into real world applications, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management students can get real world business advice and expertise, blended with a curriculum designed to advance their careers in leadership and management.

Our faculty features distinguished members of the business community in a variety of corporate sectors. From Vice Presidents to Entrepreneurs, the experiential learning that the faculty at Lake Forest provides effectively prepares students by providing business leadership strategies that work.

Meet Some of Our Practitioner Faculty

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management is recognized for our quality business leadership and practitioner faculty.  We would like to introduce some of them, and encourage you to connect with them to learn more about their contribution to our business curriculum.

Iwona BochenskaIwona Bochenska 

  • Office of Trade and Investment State of Illinois
  • Senior International Trade Specialist
  • Lake Forest Graduate School of Management faculty since 2001.


Michael BaskinMichael Baskin

  • Inclusion Solutions
  • President
  • Lake Forest Graduate School of Management faculty since 2010.


Jim HeylandJim Heyland

  • Motorola, Inc.
  • Senior Director – Information Technology
  • Lake Forest Graduate School of Management faculty since 2012.


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