Corporate Partnerships Create In-Demand MBA Graduates

Bryan J. Watkins, Ed.D.

Friday, February 05, 2016

When it comes to the leadership, creative problem-solving, management and strategic skills necessary for businesses to thrive in today’s global marketplace, corporations and employers know what they need. Unfortunately, it is still challenging for employers to find candidates with the critical leadership skills to fill talent gaps.

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM) knows it takes more than theoretical knowledge to make an impact; it takes an understanding of precisely what corporations are looking for, and a commitment to a constantly evolving curriculum that fulfills those needs.

Our MBA program arms students with core professional skills, but we also go beyond the textbook and typical MBA program. For students looking for intrinsic value from an MBA that will yield personal gratification and measurable career advancement, LFGSM is the only graduate school with the corporate relationships to deliver results.

Innovation Through Corporate Learning Solutions

At Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, our curriculum is enhanced by the close relationships we have established with employers and corporations. We provide customized educational services through Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS), which businesses use to enhance the strategic and essential business skills of employees.

While helping businesses of all sizes develop strategic talent from within, our CLS team constantly inquires on the skill sets that are most in demand from employers. As we design new training programs and curriculum, we actively listen to the needs expressed by businesses. We are able to glean the qualities that employers are looking for when recruiting executive leaders to their organizations.

The insight gained from CLS allows LFGSM to tailor our MBA curriculum precisely to the skill sets that major corporations need. Our Leadership MBA program is constantly evolving in response to the competitive marketplace so our relevant, real-world MBA program advances at the speed of business.

Business Leader Faculty™ and Student Mentoring

One of the other advantages of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management over other MBA programs and training institutions is the quality and methods of our Business Leader Faculty™. Our faculty are selected from some of the most successful organizations in the United States and offer real-time, tested business insights that our students need to develop effective leadership skills.

Our faculty are executive leaders who retain their day jobs while teaching. Because they are in business practice concurrent with their instructional role at LFGSM, students learn from faculty who remain employed in competitive environments and can offer the most relevant and valuable advice.

Business mentoring is a critical component of the development and success of tomorrow’s business leaders. LFGSM faculty connect with MBA students in class, as mentors and in one-on-one coaching sessions through our Leadership Exchange.

Lake Forest offers a personal and encouraging academic community and professional network that is committed to the success of our students and alumni, and we have a proud tradition of adapting our MBA curriculum to make our graduates sought after by organizations.

Our Leadership MBA and Corporate Learning Solutions programs provide a departure from antiquated education; they are the gateway to learning outcomes that exceed the expectations of the world’s leading corporations.


Bryan J. Watkins, Ed.D.

Dr. Bryan J. Watkins, Ed.D. is Chief Academic Officer and Vice President at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Bryan has a breadth and depth of experience in multiple higher education institutions that includes direct responsibility for accreditation, faculty relations, and program and curriculum design and development, as well as virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face program delivery, admissions, marketing, and sales. He is a member of the School’s Leadership Team. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


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