Where is Digital Marketing Headed in 2015

Author: Barbara Siegel

Friday, September 26, 2014

An important tool of marketing, social media and digital platforms remain a key part of fundamental marketing practice. Like any new technology, social media has continued to evolve and refine its procedures and best practice for effectively communicating to customers online.


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A Fresh New Look for the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Website

Author: Barbara Siegel

Monday, July 14, 2014

You may have noticed some big changes to our branding, graphics and the theme of our website at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.  First impressions are always important in business and marketing, and we felt it was time to translate our forward thinking into a contemporary new look that would encompass the feel and quality of our academic community.

The design team took several months to arrive at our new website and navigation and we are pleased with the response and feedback we have received about some of the key features.

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Lessons from the Frontlines of Entrepreneurship

Author: Manish Shah

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I have distilled the most important lessons from my experience as an entrepreneur.

Develop EQ

To be a successful leader one needs high Emotional Intelligence. Having a high IQ and technical skills are necessary but not sufficient traits for leadership success. Emotional intelligence comprises of qualities such as:

  • Self-Awareness—a clear understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses,
  • Self-Regulation—control of one’s emotions and ability to channel them to create a positive impact,
  • Motivation—achievement not just for external gain but for internal fulfillment,
  • Empathy—understanding of other peoples’ perspectives and feelings in making decisions, and
  • Social Skills—skillful management of relationships with other people. These qualities can be developed by self-awareness and reflection.


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