Faculty Spotlight: Michael Baskin

Author: Barbara Siegel

Friday, April 17, 2015

Building on extensive past and current business experience, Michael Baskin is a faculty member who provides real world, vetted expertise and insights which prepare students with in-demand leadership and management skills. The business world is competitive, and an MBA program should reflect past practices, present trends and the future needs of an ever evolving workplace.


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Collaborative Leadership in the Workplace

Author: Lake Effects Blog

Friday, March 06, 2015

When discussing leadership strategies for the workplace, the term “collaborative leadership” surfaces frequently. It is a methodology that is essential to the success of all businesses regardless of product, service or niche, and has less to do with manager versus employee than employee versus employee engagement.

The goal of collaborative leadership is to eliminate the biggest threat to business productivity; the silo mentality. Businesses are now realizing that the ability to recruit star players to your organization does not ensure success if those players are not encouraged to collaborate as a team. Or if they are not shown how to value inspiration and innovation from all possible sources.

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What Do People Want in a Leader?

Author: Jeffrey J. Anderson

Thursday, February 19, 2015

“How do I become a great leader?” It’s a question I hear every day from senior business executives as well as current and prospective MBA students. Why does this remain such a puzzle? Organizations spend billions of dollars each year on leadership development and there are more than 130,000 books on leadership available at Amazon. Shouldn’t the answer be abundantly clear?

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