Five Discovery Skills that Lead to Great Innovations

Author: Manish Shah

Monday, September 01, 2014

Clayton Christensen and his coauthors in The Innovator’s DNA highlight five key skills that we can develop to become great innovators. The good news is that we do not have to be good at all five skills to be a good innovator. For example, Scott Cook of Intuit is strong in observational skills. Marc Benioff, founder of, is good at networking, Jeff Bezos’ strong suite is experimentation. Steve Jobs was strong at associating.

Research involving identical twins suggests that only about 20-25 per cent of our creativity ability is genetic. So close to 80% of our creative ability can be developed.


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Impact Your Business with Corporate Learning Solutions

Author: Dr. Neil Holman Ph.D.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In order to remain competitive in business, organizations must not only excel at recruiting talented employees, but they must also continue to provide regular professional development for their team.  It is important to foster behaviors and skills that will propel the organization forward.

Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS) at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management is tailored to the needs of businesses.  We work with companies to understand those needs, and deliver training and development solutions that will meet them.

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The Leadership Value of International Business Experience

Author: Ellen McMahon, EdD

Thursday, August 07, 2014

The business world is constantly changing with the rapid development of new market possibilities in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Australia.  This demonstrates the importance for organizations to recruit and retain leaders who have developed a portfolio of international business experience.

Why does exposure to global business practice benefit business leaders and the organizations they work for?  With the growth of the global middle class, export and manufacturing industries in the United States are more actively pursuing strategic expansion into new overseas markets, which invites ethnic diversity into the corporate culture and business process.   In order to successfully connect your products, sales or services to foreign buyers, an executive team with global business experience is essential.

Businesses are looking for executives with more than global business awareness, they are looking for leaders who have built intercultural competencies.

Developing Intercultural Competence

When business leaders seek out opportunities to meet and engage with organizations abroad, it opens the door to a deeper understanding of unique models and approaches.  Within the United States our business practices have small variations depending on the region, but in general they are fairly predictable and uniform.  In the many industrialized countries abroad, business methods are impacted significantly by sociocultural and economic influences which are very unique to the region.  They vary dramatically from American norms.


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