September, 2016

Understanding and Using Big Data: Leadership Learning with Lake Forest MBA Faculty

Steven Rudnick

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In the fast-paced world of tracked transactional execution, organizations worldwide have access to enormous volumes of data. Big Data is now the hot topic for organizational and managerial analytics. With access to this data, organizations can predict, target and leverage efforts to a higher level than ever before.

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management’s Business Leader Faculty® Steven Rudnick helps us understand and use big data.


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Turkey: Global Risk Management and Decision-Making in a Crisis

Atakan Arica

Friday, September 09, 2016

Whether responsible for R&D, sales, operations, supply-chain, finance, marketing or human resources, we all have to consider risk management in our work. Things get especially challenging when you add the global context and have to figure out the risk parameters of a foreign country. One of the challenges we typically don’t expect in global risk management is a coup. Considering the current situation in Turkey as an example, what risks or opportunities face a U.S.-based service provider or company? And, what should you do when affected by swift changes in a host country?

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