March, 2014

Executive Goal Setting for 2014

Kathy Leck

Monday, March 17, 2014

The start of the year is a time of reflection for Managers to evaluate the overall performance of the organization against goals and benchmarks that have been established.  The innovative executive however is not spending too much time looking in the rear view mirror, but defining improvements and new goals for the upcoming year.

Unless your organization is content to achieve the same results as the previous year, strategic goal setting is an important investment in laying the architecture for the year ahead.  Without a plan and formalized goals, very little change can be expected.  Improving measurable results such as increased sales, market growth and brand communication require a definitive plan.  Can you visualize that plan and put it into action?


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An Executive's Guide to Building an Effective Social Media Presence

Barb Siegel

Thursday, March 13, 2014

How important is social media to the business professional?  At Lake Forest Graduate School of Management we have invested in expanding our social media outreach in order to further develop the connection between our faculty, students and alumni.  At Lake Forest, we understand the potential of digital networking.

Is it important for an Executive to establish themselves professionally through social media?  In the past many business leaders have simply engaged in the minimum required presence by creating profiles and perhaps some portfolio items on LinkedIn.   In fact, LinkedIn at its inception, was little more than a place to park your curriculum vitae, but has in the last three years become a powerful networking tool and business community.  It is now a place to share articles, comments and stimulate discussion on current news and business trends.


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Share Your Lake Forest MBA Impact Story: Contest Details

Lake Effects Blog

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

LFGSM Contest 2 Impact

For over 67 years, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management has provided practical, professional development for business leaders.  With a proud history of academic excellence and our exceptional Faculty and curriculum, LFGSM prepares professionals to create an impact in a variety of industries and professions.

Our business leader faculty foster an environment of mentoring, hands-on learning, collaboration and teamwork in which everyone shares diverse experiences, learns from them and gains new opportunities.  We call our approach “For Business. By Business.”  That is our story, now we would like to hear yours!

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How Do We Define Impact?

The measurable business result – such as gains in revenue, productivity and cost savings – which can be attributed all or in part to participants’ application of competencies they learned or practiced in our educational programs.

Business impact is measured in three areas:

  1. Individual (using income, title and advancement metrics)
  2. Organization (using industry metrics)
  3. Community (using social impact and sustainability metrics)

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