March, 2014

How to Set and Implement Strategic Goals for Your Career

Lake Effects Blog

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It is important to evaluate your career path on a regular basis.  Whether you are seeking new opportunities with an existing employer or external to your organization and making a career change, managing your career requires a strategy to be effective.  This can be broken down into four simple stages:  Examination, Analysis, Planning and Execution.


There are two parts to conducting a thorough career and goal evaluation: 1) Self Examination and 2) External Market Examination.  The self examination stage is the deconstruction of your past work experiences, behaviours and organizing your past experiences and accomplishments.  This is where you consider where your core strengths lie, and how effectively these strengths can be applied in your professional role.


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Time Management Tools: Organize Your Coursework to Optimize Your Time

Ellen McMahon, EdD

Friday, March 21, 2014

Being a post-secondary student the first time around was hard, and that was when you had fewer obligations.  Returning to get your MBA through either full time or part-time studies as an adult brings with it the additional challenge of managing your schedule and priorities, which include family life, responsibilities to your employer as well as making time for recreation and relaxation.

Even individuals with finely honed time management skills find that returning to school to pursue their MBA is an adjustment.   But planning your participation in an MBA program requires some strategy and organization to ensure that your study fits in with your current obligations.  You also want to be able to enjoy the experience of being on campus or collaborating online with other Lake Forest Graduate School of Management students and faculty for a quality educative experience.


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Memorable Business Moments that Built Brands

Kathy Leck

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

colorful  MARKETINGtext barcode, vectorWhat were the most interesting moments for businesses’ representing their brands in recent months?

At Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, we like to help students learn from best practices of businesses that make the news or that stand out for exemplary creativity in their brand communication approach.   See if you agree with some of our picks for memorable business moments in last 12 months.

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