Recommend A MBA Student

Invite your colleagues, family and friends to become part of the LFGSM Community of Learning and Professional Development, that consists of close to 10,000 alumni, students, faculty, donors and friends of LFGSM from across the U.S. and Worldwide.

Begin the Recommendation Process

Here’s how to invite a qualified member of your network to the LFGSM community:

  • Contact Admissions and tell them about your friend or colleague you'd like to invite!
  • LFGSM will send an e-mail alerting your friend or colleague to your invitation, and telling them more about LFGSM
  • Your invitee chooses to opt-in to learn more about LFGSM, which includes:
  • If the person you are recommending is accepted and enrolled as an LFGSM student by June 30th, 2015, LFGSM will waive all of their fees, that will result in a savings of over $1200
Begin the Recommendation Process