SUE GRANQUIST - Class of 2009

"It is an honor to be recognized for giving back to the institution which has opened so many professional as well as personal doors. LFGSM alumni are a unique group of people to which I am extremely proud to belong."

DAA for Service Achievement
Sue Granquist is currently Senior Manager of Marketing PMO at CDW. In addition to earning her Lake Forest MBA with a specialization in Global Business, Granquist holds a Masters in Program Management from George Washington University School of Business.
Since earning her Lake Forest MBA in 2009, Susan Granquist has enthusiastically donated her time and talent to LFGSM serving as a volunteer ambassador for the School, and as a mentor to prospective and current students as well as LFGSM alumni. From volunteering at LFGSM Admissions events as a panelist at MBA Previews and webinars to serving as a career search resource for students and alumni, Granquist has made a significant impact on the entire LFGSM community