Steve Gadomski

2009 Distinguished Alumni Award for Service Achievement

Nominated by: Peter Spinner Class of '03

Steve Gadomski is the founder and CEO of UeQuest Wellness, a company that provides single source end-to-end customized workplace wellness programs that help organizations increase employee productivity and reduce medical claims. Gadomski is also the founder and President of VantagePoint Benefits Advisors, Inc., a licensed, independent insurance and retirement benefits provider that has served the Chicago area for more than two decades. 

In nominating Gadomski for the Award, fellow alum and classmate Peter Spinner highlighted Gadomski's many contributions to LFGSM and noted his ethical approach to business. "Steve’s ability to encourage individuals to maintain an ongoing connection with the School is what makes him most worthy of special acclaim," said Spinner. 

“When you get to know Steve, you quickly learn that a commitment to service and helping others is in his blood, as is a strong value on lifelong learning and education, ” said Joan Steltmann, LFGSM’s Vice President, Enterprise Advancement. "He is always there to answer the call for his school," Steltmann said. Gadomski has been a generous donor to the School and is an Investor Circle member. Significantly, he is one of the two founding members of the Scholarship Golf Committee and helped organize the School's first golf outing six years ago. Gadomski has been actively involved ever since, and his company has served as a sponsor every year. As a result, the Scholarship Golf Outing is now the largest fundraising event the School has on an annual basis. In addition, Gadomski frequently volunteers to speak at MBA Preview events and to talk one on one with prospective students.

"Lake Forest has always been an anchor for me; whether it was rounding out skill sets back when I was a sales manager at Motorola, forcing myself to get out of my comfort level, or refining my analytical skills. [The program] was also as a test to see if I really had the skills. The anchor of Lake Forest during the time I was going through the program is still an anchor today," Gadomski explained. "Not only the skills sets I developed, but the relationships and the support the School has given me. I also have the fortune to have mentors within my family who taught me that service to your school becomes part of a fabric of your life." Gadomski expressed his appreciation for the Award and thanked the School for keeping him involved. "It is my pleasure to do that and I look forward to continue helping each other," he said.    

In addition to earning his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Mr. Gadomski holds a BS degree in from Indiana University at Bloomington.