Shelia Johnson - Treasurer, Hollister Inc., Lake Forest MBA Class of 1998

Meet Sheila Johnson, a financial strategist, executive leader for a global healthcare company, and mother of triplets. As Hollister’s Treasurer, with responsibility for foreign exchange, cash management, and insurance risk management, Johnson wears many hats.

Sheila JohnsonThanks to her LFGSM experience, Johnson is not just focused on the numbers. “The people side of the business counts too,” she insists. She started her career in human resources at Hollister but was soon recruited into treasury. “I’m still an HR person at heart,” she smiles. Johnson earned her MBA, worked at NEC Technologies and Brookdale Living Communities, and returned to Hollister five years ago. She’s since been promoted twice—no small accomplishment for a mother of three toddlers.

Johnson is thankful for her Lake Forest MBA experience. “I was fortunate to attend Lake Forest midway through my career, when I’d gained some perspective. I learned that if I want to influence people and be a part of a team, I need to understand the whole business. Not everyone looks at a problem from just an ROI or cost perspective,” she states. A decade ago, Johnson chose to attend LFGSM because of the focus on teamwork, public speaking, and networking. The skills she gained stay with her. “LFGSM will always be very much part of my professional life,” she declares.