Hotchkiss Scholars Award

The Hotchkiss Scholar award, LFGSM’s highest honor, was established in 1984 in honor of Dr. Eugene Hotchkiss, President Emeritus of Lake Forest College and longtime member of the LFGSM Board of Directors.

Hotchkiss Scholars have been selected annually on the basis of outstanding academic achievement (top 5% of each graduating class) and demonstrated commitment to the spirit of educational excellence. New Hotchkiss Scholars were then announced each year at Commencement where they receive the coveted Hotchkiss Scholar Medallion.
Beginning with the Class of 2013, the top 10% of each class will be known as Hotchkiss Fellows.
In 2004, Dr. Hotchkiss established the Hotchkiss Scholarship Fund to promote academic excellence and recognize students on-track to become Hotchkiss Scholars at Graduation. Over the years, generous donors have raised over $120,000 for this endowed scholarship and more than 50 outstanding students have received over $92,000 in scholarships.

Class of 2012 Hotchkiss Scholars

Eric Bruce Abbott

Joanne M. Cooper

Caleb Hart

Richard Iozzo

Rebecca P. Juroe

Jesse Henry Marymount, MD

Kimberly M. Mechnic

Joyce Kathleen Noser

Matthew Julian Rakowsky

Tomas Tassy, Jr.

Shantelle Adrienne Thomas


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