Hotchkiss Scholars Award

The Hotchkiss Scholar award, LFGSM’s highest honor, was established in 1984 in honor of Dr. Eugene Hotchkiss, President Emeritus of Lake Forest College and longtime member of the LFGSM Board of Directors.

In 2004, Dr. Hotchkiss established the Hotchkiss Scholarship Fund to promote academic excellence and recognize students on-track to become Hotchkiss Scholars at Graduation. Over the years, generous donors have raised over $120,000 for this endowed scholarship and more than 80 outstanding students have received over $92,000 in scholarships.

Students graduating in June 2015 and subsequent years will earn the Hotchkiss Scholars designation solely on the Business Impact Award Basis. That is, Hotchkiss Scholars will have met the following requirements:

  • Earned a Business Impact Certificate3
  • Earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.751

For more information about the requirements of the new Business Impact Certificate, please contact Chris Perlstrom, Registrar at 847-574-5208 or email

1Elective courses utilizing Authentic Assessment as well as 5847 Global Base Camp, 5846 Business Impact Assessment, 5845 LFGSM Community Leadership2 are excluded from the cumulative GPA calculation

2These courses do not have any academic credit and do not count as electives in meeting graduation requirements. There is no tuition for these courses, although material and technology fees may be charged

3The Business Impact Certificate consists of the following courses

  • Global Practica (5840, 5841, or 5842) or Global Focus (5843)
  • 5847 Global Base Camp
  • 5846 Business Impact Assessment
  • 5845 LFGSM Community Leadership

Class of 2014 Hotchkiss Scholars

Deena J. Ali

Marta L. Aranda

Steven Allen Barrett

Kelly Marie Begley

Lisa Renee Brown

Sean Patrick Buchanan

Crystal M. Cartwright

Steven R. Cramer

Bryan David Green

Kathrina Maye A. Johnson

Kimberly O'Malley Kurth

Eugene Yauung Leung

Adam Andrew Moran

Paula Renee Owens

Jaimita Y. Patel

Siddhartha Paul

Aristotle Peter Petruleas

Venkata Nagaraju Sayala

Larry Allen Schwartz

Michael Joseph Slade

Timothy Lee Tibbals

Dariusz Tyszka

Shawn Brandon Winters

Patricia C. Wolf


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