Edward Carney

Professional Achievement Award

Ed Carney, ‘01, President and CEO, Superior Graphite

Nominated by: Christin Lore Anderson, ‘01

As a fellow classmate of Ed Carney, I can think of no one better to be recognized with the Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement from LFGSM.  His diligence,  leadership and attention to detail traits that he used in the classroom and with his teamwork are traits that he must employ in his day to day leadership of Superior Graphite.  In 1998, Ed was appointed to the role of President and in 2001 the role of CEO.  The company is a world-leading innovator of unique technologies in the graphite industry and is a manufacturer and processor of graphite, carbon, silicon carbide and graphite-based lubricants.

While I am unable to provide the extact details behind Superior Graphite's financial standing as it is a privately held company, the milestones that company has reached since 1998 are a direct influence from Ed's leadership of the company.  The company has continued it's growth by expanding it's production and manufacturing facilities as well as reaching milestones in the production of one of the company's largest carbon additive prodtucts, Desulco.  In 2009, Ed expressed his desire to grow the company into existing markets in Asia and I wouldn't be surprised by Ed's ability to properly place his company in this new market.

In addition to his work as President and CEO of Superior Graphite, Ed also continues to show his loyalty to LFGSM through his participation in continuing education classes, donorship and being an exemplary citizen of the School.