Alumni Testimonials

Current students and alumni of the Lake Forest MBA program at Allstate have found the program to be highly effective in broadening their business perspectives and developing their leadership skills.

“The individuals that I have met in my cohort have allowed me to develop cross functional relationships within Allstate and have provided exposure to other areas of the enterprise; I have found that I’m more effective as a leader by having these connections. This sense of synergy and commonality that I have with my classmates would not be possible at a campus based MBA program.”  
- Kelly Brennan, Director, Corporate Relations, Class of  2012

“Not only is the on-site program convenient, but it uses team projects that mirror the way we do business at Allstate. I use the concepts, templates, or tactics from the program on a weekly basis.”
 - Johnny Shumate, Director, Distribution Technology and Support, Class of 2005

“Earning my Lake Forest MBA allows me to face future business challenges with confidence because of the academic foundation I now possess. Continuing my education has expanded my horizons and opened my eyes so that I see the world through a different lens.”
 - Monika Taraschewsky, Regional Education Manager, Class of 2009

“In the Strategic Thinking course we worked on a project involving the acceptance of credit and debit  cards at Allstate. Based on the resources and skills that we have learned in the Lake Forest MBA  program, our team was able to deliver a well thought out recommendation that was able to be presented back to  Allstate leadership.”
- Jon Wells, Director, Banking and Cash Management, Class of 2012