MBA Admission Requirements

At Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, the coursework is challenging but the experience of working with us is not. Our admissions process is streamlined and highly personalized and our Admissions Representatives are available to assist you every step of the way.

The Admissions Committee evaluates MBA candidates on the potential they demonstrate to contribute to the MBA program, as well as the MBA program’s alignment with the candidate’s aspirations. Along with individual achievements and experiences, we focus on the cumulative impact of a candidate’s accomplishments and business experience, as well as the ability to communicate effectively and contribute to classroom discussions on contemporary business challenges.

The factors we use to determine acceptance to the MBA programs include professional work experience, an admissions interview, current achievements, letters of recommendation, application with personal statement, and previous academic history.

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Admissions Requirements

The following components are required to complete the admissions process:

  1. Admissions Interview
  2. Current Resume or Robust LinkedIn Profile
  3. Official Academic Transcripts
  4. One Letter of Recommendation
  5. Application with Personal Statement

Work Experience Requirements for Leadership MBA

Applicants who are more experienced in their career are encouraged to apply to the Leadership MBA program. A minimum of 4 years of professional experience is required for the Leadership MBA. The Leadership MBA may be completed at a campus or online.

Applying as a Non-Degree Seeking Student

Students who wish to take MBA courses but do not intend to earn a MBA degree may enroll in up to four courses as non-degree seeking students. Non-degree seeking students who wish to enroll in more than four classes must satisfy all MBA admissions requirements and be accepted to the MBA program. Students who enroll in a single certificate program are considered non-degree seeking.

Non-degree seeking students are required to meet the same admissions standards as degree seeking MBA students and must fulfill all course prerequisites.

LFGSM is not currently accepting face-to-face or online students from Montana, Arkansas, Alabama, Maryland, or Massachusetts, unless part of an approved corporate degree location.

Application Fee

A $75 application fee is required at the time of application. If paying by check or money order, please send payment to the Lake Forest campus admissions office. All payments should be made payable to Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Electronic payments may be made when applying online. This fee is not refundable.