Tuition Assurance Option FAQs

As a not-for-profit, independent business school, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management is dedicated to providing high quality, affordable graduate management education. LFGSM is offering a Tuition Assurance Option as an additional benefit to our students, to further differentiate our Program from the competition and improve our students' ability to finance their MBA.

What is the Tuition Assurance Option?

The Tuition Assurance Option (TAO) is a new way to help students manage their future tuition costs. TAO guarantees the tuition rate against any future annual increases for those students who remain continuously registered/enrolled for five of the available prior six terms on a rolling basis.

What is the Value of Participating in the TAO?

Students who qualify for the TAO can better predict and manage their future tuition costs – so long as they remain qualified. If a student qualifies to participate in the 2013-14 year – and remains qualified during their entire tenure with LFGSM – they can maintain their tuition costs at the 2013-14 rate – avoiding annual increases over the next few years.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the TAO?

TAO is available to all LMBA students who are registered for courses during academic year 2013-14 and are continuously registered/enrolled for five of the available prior six terms on a rolling basis.

  • Existing Students

An Existing Student has to enroll in 5 of the 6 available terms starting in the 2013-14 Academic year to qualify for the TAO.

  • New Students who Start their LMBA Program some time in 2013-14

A New Student has to enroll in at least one term in the 2013/14 year to qualify, then must remain enrolled in 5 out of their first 6 terms.

See the scenarios/illustrations that relate how students can qualify for TAO.


Are Corporate Cohorts Eligible to Participate in the TAO?

Yes. LMBA students who are completing their MBA as part of a corporate cohort, are eligible to participate in TAO. For these students, TAO guarantees the tuition rate against any future annual increase for those on-site students who remain continuously registered for courses as part of your cohort-based/on-site program.

If you are required to take courses outside of your on-site cohort-based program – you can maintain your tuition rate so long as you are continuously enrolled.

For example, if your on-site cohort-based program requires you to take four courses per academic term – and you follow those requirements on a continuous basis for the remainder of your tenure as you earn your Leadership MBA– you can maintain your current tuition rate (at the 2013-14 rate).

What is the Definition of Being “Continuously Enrolled”?

To qualify and remained qualified for the TAO until you graduate, you must be enrolled during the 2013-14 academic year and stay enrolled in 5 out of 6 available terms going forward.

“5 out of 6 terms” is defined on a rolling basis beginning with the first term available to you in 2013-14.

What is the Definition of an “Available” Term?

An "Available Term" is defined as any term in which classes are being held at any of our campus locations, including online starting with Fall 2013-14 academic year. For examples on how this may affect your eligibility in the TAO, please review our sample student scenarios.

How Long is the TAO in Effect?

TAO is guaranteed to all students who qualify – starting in the Fall of the 2013-14 academic year and then through their graduation – so long as they continue to meet the enrollment requirements throughout their tenure with LFGSM.

There is no guarantee that LFGSM will continue to offer this Option to new students who eventually become qualified after the 2013-14 academic year.

What if I Cannot be Continuously Enrolled in 5 of the 6 Available Prior Terms?

You will no longer be qualified for the TAO and would be charged the current Tuition Rate for that academic year.


Can I Re-Qualify for the TAO?

Yes. You can re-qualify once you remain enrolled for 5 out of 6 available terms. 

You will be charged the tuition that is in place for the first of those courses when you become re-qualified. 


  • You re-qualify to participate in the TAO during the 2014-15 academic year.
  • You will be charged the 2014-15 Tuition Rate for the remainder of your tenure in the LMBA – so long as you meet the continuous enrollment requirements.
Are Student Fees Covered in the TAO? Are there any Exceptions?

Student fees that are paid by all students to support services and programs are not part of the Tuition Assurance Option. These Materials and Technology fees are subject to annual increases.

Are There Any Exceptions?

Students who need to leave LFGSM for extenuating circumstances such as military service, major family issues, emergency medical conditions or very limited course availability  (there are no required/desired courses available for a specific term), upon verification by the Registrar, will continue to be qualified when they re-enroll.

Who Do I Contact if I Have Any Questions?

Please contact the registrar at for any other questions you may have.