Global Business Specialization

As the global market continues to integrate, successful companies and managers will incorporate effective communication, ethical decision-making and strategic thinking under the umbrella of global challenge. The Lake Forest Graduate School of Management offers a global leadership program through the Leadership MBA. This allows students to receive a Global Business Specialization. This specialization focuses on aspects of managing international organizations, from understanding how to manage a large and diverse employee base to policy-making and overseeing corporate finances.

LMBA Global Business Specialization Courses Include:

Learn more details about these courses and every other by visiting our general course description page.

This unique MBA global leadershipspecialization also includes an exciting study abroad experience to further your exposure to management concepts all around the world.

Here are just a few of the career paths where you can put your newly acquired global management skills to use after graduation:

  • International Finance Management
  • International Marketing Management
  • International Human Resources Management

Why Choose the LMBA Global Business Specialization?

If you are in the Chicago area and looking to build your competency in the field of global management, the Lake Forest Leadership MBA is the answer. Our part-time LMBA Global Business Specialization can help you focus your interests and broaden your international horizons as you pursue your MBA.

Lake Forest’s Chicago-area MBA opportunity is a unique, balanced Program that will help you learn, grow and succeed. If you think the LMBA Global Business Specialization sounds like an interesting way to advance your knowledge, skills, and career, take the next step and attend an LMBA preview.