iMBA Curriculum - What Will I take?

Each online MBA course, is composed of several learning modules. There are 10-12 modules for each eight-week iMBA course. In most courses, you will need no text book, but you will have ample required reading assignments that are related to issues the virtual company is facing. As you show mastery of a module, you will be forwarded on to the next module.

iMBA Program, at a glance:

  • Typically takes 11 terms (20-22 months) to complete
  • 12-course (44 semester credit hours) program that culminates with a capstone experience
  • Courses that are four semester credit hours take eight weeks to complete
  • The first course (1 credit hour, pass/fail) is three weeks in length
  • There is a powerful 3-credit-hour course in career development
  • Two optional courses can be added to achieve a specialization in Global Business
  • All students are assigned to volunteer mentors who are leaders in business
  • Tutoring services available