What Does the "i" in iMBA Stand For?

The Immersion MBA (iMBA) from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM) brings you the next generation of online MBA programs from a premier, accredited graduate school that caters to working professionals. The iMBA program is ideal for aspiring leaders. The challenges you face now, and in the coming years, at your job are played out in the iMBA’s simulated company where you will not only learn, but have the chance to apply the skills you need to succeed in business today. The iMBA empowers you to learn by doing.

The "i" in iMBA stands for Immersion, but it also stands for so much more:

‘i’ is for IMMERSION
In this online MBA program option,you’ll be immersed in a virtual company where you’ll have management responsibilities. You’ll handle situations that are so multi-faceted and realistic that you’ll understand what it really feels like to work in marketing, human resources, supply chain and more.

‘i’ is for INNOVATIVE
Work in a state-of-the-art online learning platform that uses interactive simulations that allow you to learn in the most effective and impactful environment. Go well beyond the traditional passive ‘student’ experience to become a critical player inside a vibrant virtual company.

‘i’ is for INTERACTIVE
In the virtual surroundings, you’ll interact personally and professionally with computer-generated colleagues and clients. You’ll also interact with your fellow students and faculty through online discussions and group projects.

You’ll learn from and receive personalized attention from 100% business-leader faculty who are working professionals and experts in their fields. Volunteer alumni mentors are also available to share experiences and provide support to you as you navigate the coursework and the challenge of being an MBA student.

‘i’ is for INTERESTING
The online iMBA program option engages you in a dynamic learning environment where you can learn the ‘art’ of business. You will overcome real business issues and handle projects that keep you engaged in the program from beginning to end.

‘i’ is for IMPACTFUL
The iMBA is where virtual business meets real results. The iMBA is an accredited online degree.

LFGSM’s iMBA program equips you with the real-world business experience that employers expect of their leadership. Hiring managers look for people who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ when it comes to critical business challenges — like mergers and acquisitions, major change management, globalization and more. The iMBA takes you directly into these challenges and allows you to develop and hone skills that other professionals simply don’t have. In just two years, you’ll add the type of experience to your resume that others take a decade to accomplish.

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