How Can the iMBA Help Advance Your Career?

Looking for advancement within your organization or new career opportunities?

You’ve come to the right place. Companies today want to hire people who have “been there” and “done that” when it comes to the basic functions of a corporation. Companies are looking not just for people with an MBA degree, but for men and women whose career and educational experiences have been practical, hands-on, contemporary and broad. LFGSM has surveyed and interviewed more than 600 Chicago area executives and professionals to find out what they look for in high-potential managers. They told us they look for people who:

  • Know the business
  • Relate to people
  • Deliver results

LFGSM’s Immersion MBA curriculum and its teaching methodologies are built upon these three core competencies.

The Lake Forest iMBA courses will expose you to areas of business in which you might currently have no experience or expertise at all. It will take you far beyond the focus of your undergraduate degree. It will take you to places you’ve never been, and open many new doors. Along the way, you’ll discover the powerful benefits of being a member of the Lake Forest Graduate School business community – through which you will gain access to 8,000 successful alumni, 750 current students, and 140 business-leader faculty members.

LFGSM also offers career development for its iMBA students (a whole course dedicated to your career growth!), as well as optional career services. Explore LFGSM’s community via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. And try searching “Lake Forest Graduate School” on LinkedIn to see just how many successful professionals who are LFGSM alumni and are running major organizations today.