Immersion Online MBA Degree

Our Cutting-Edge, Online-Only MBA

Since 2012, the Lake Forest Graduate School iMBA Program allows you to become immersed in a virtual-reality company with real products, customers, competitors, opportunities and failures.

Rotate through as many as 10 of the company’s departments, learning the core business functions by actually working in each area. Throughout the different rotations, you will learn business theory and develop the ability to apply it in realistic business situations in the virtual world as well as in your own workplace.

During your iMBA, 75% of your time will be spent in the virtual-reality environment and 25% participating in online discussions and group projects with your fellow students and faculty. This allows you to benefit from the interaction with your virtual bosses and co-workers, and then take the learning to the next level through conversations with other students and faculty members.

Each course is composed of several learning modules. There are 10-12 modules for each eight-week course. In most courses, you will not need text books, but you will have current relevant reading assignments given to you by your avatar manager related to key issues the company is facing. As you show mastery of a module, you will be forwarded to the next one.

Your participation, progress and performance will be monitored closely and evaluated by your LFGSM instructor, who can see your work in real time. These business-leader faculty will be your facilitators and coaches, and will interact with you regularly, leading discussion forums, pushing you to be your best. They will also assign your grade at the end of each course.

This kind of immersive business learning experience sets you apart in the workplace and when interviewing for a job. iMBA graduates will have “been there and done that” when asked about marketing initiatives, finance projects, organizational strategy, human resources, leadership and business ethics.

We believe there’s never been a graduate business experience that does so much, so quickly, to prepare aspiring professionals for the challenges and opportunities of the business world. This kind of innovative MBA education, coupled with career development services from LFGSM and a volunteer alumni mentor can make the iMBA the perfect choice.