LFGSM Honors Programs

LFGSM has two honors programs recognizing exceptional student achievement: one based on academic standing and another based on demonstrated business impact.

Academic Honors Program

Students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement qualify to be considered for our academic honors programs. The academic honors program is based solely upon student’s cumulative overall Grade Point Average (GPA). Please note that elective courses utilizing Authentic Assessment as well as 5844 Business Impact Resources, 5845 LFGSM Community Leadership,5846 Business Impact Assessment, and 5847 Global Base Camp are excluded from the cumulative GPA calculation.

Academic honors and qualifying GPA are:

  • Top 10% of the Graduating Class earn the designation: High Honors
  • Top 11-20% of the Graduating Class earn the designation: Honors

2015-16 Hotchkiss Scholar Award Qualifications

Students graduating in June will earn the Hotchkiss Scholars designation solely on the Business Impact Award Basis. That is, Hotchkiss Scholars will have met the following requirements by the end of Spring 2:

  • 5843 Global Focus
  • 5847 Global Base Camp
  • 5844 Business Impact Resource
    • Post-Program Impact Program Evaluation
    • Documented community business volunteer service or project, as approved by Student Services or the Vice President and Chief Academic Officer
  • Earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.85

The Business Impact Certificate consists of the following requirements:

  • Global Practica (5840, 5841, or 5842, or 5843 Global Focus) - (Participate in one)
  • 5844 Business Impact Resources - or, (5845 LFGSM Community Leadership and 5846 Business Impact Assessment)
  • 5847 Global Base Camp  - (Participate in one)

Please note: The 5844, 5845, 5846 and 5847 requirements do not have any academic credit and do not count as electives in meeting graduation requirements. There is no tuition for these requirements, although a technology fee may be charged.

For more information about the requirements of the new Business Impact Certificate, please contact Registrar@lfgsm.edu .