Nancy Wajler
Career Development
On Faculty Since 2013
Director, Education
Association for Manufacturing Excellence
BA, University of Illinois - Chicago
MA, DePaul University
Ed.D, National Louis University


Curtis P. Wang
Corporate Learning Solutions
On Faculty Since 1997
Executive Coach
Make The Leap Coaching
BS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MBA, Northwestern University

Douglas Warren
Entrepreneurial Finance
On Faculty Since 2013
Expense Reduction Analysts
BA, University of Chicago
MM, Northwestern University - Kellogg

Kathryn Weber
Operations Management
On Faculty Since 2012
Vice President, Integration
BA, University of Notre Dame
MBA, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

James S. Welch, Jr.
Ethical Decision Making
On Faculty Since 2012
Visiting Assistant Professor of Management/
Eckerd College
BA, University of South Carolina
MBA, Florida State University
JD, University of Kentucky


Evan Wood
Leading Organizational Change, Organizational Strategy
On Faculty Since 2012
Evan Wood Consulting
BA, Cedarville University
MBA, PhD, Indiana State University


Steve Woodward
International Business
On Faculty Since 2012
Chief Operating Officer
SAFEmap International
BA, University of the Witwatersrand
MBA, Brunel University (United Kingdom)