Strategic Thinking, Finance

James H. Austin


Jim Austin, a former senior executive at Baxter Healthcare, combines business strategy and organizational development theory with extensive industry experience. At LFGSM, he teaches Strategic Thinking and Financial Management, as well as strategy, strategic thinking and innovation workshops for the school’s Corporate Learning Solutions department. In 2010, he earned a Distinguished Faculty Award.

Jim is the President of JH Austin Associates, a consulting/executive development firm delivering programs at Wharton, Duke and on-site locations for major entities including CVS, AbbVie and McKesson. Prior to that, he was Principal, Executive Education/Healthcare, for Decision Strategies International, Inc., where he led numerous projects, including scenarios of the future for a medical devices firm and R&D priorities for a major consumer products company. Jim also served as Vice President of Strategy Development for Baxter’s Renal Division for over a decade.

Jim has extensive experience in strategy development, new business creation, product development, innovation, decision analysis and e-Business. He is one of the editors of Leading Strategic Change in an Era of Healthcare Transformation.

Business Leader Faculty® Since 1999

Professional Experience


JH Austin Associates


Decision Strategies International, Inc.

Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership

Brown University

Vice President of Strategy Development

Baxter’s Renal Division



Princeton University

Master of Public Affairs (MPA)

Princeton University

Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Yale University

Bachelor of Arts