5000 Keys

5000 KEYS (not a credit-bearing course)

The KEYS, self-paced online modules are a prerequisite for all LFGSM courses. Each topic covered (digital literacy, finance fundamentals, communication and teams, and critical thinking), provides a four- to six-hour introduction to key concepts introduced in the core MBA Program’s Certificates. This self-paced material includes assessments and resources that will serve to better prepare students for the rigor of graduate work. These pass/fail modules are linked to particular Certificates and must be completed prior to starting specific, linked Certificates. Digital Literacy is required prior to any LMBA or iMBA course. For the iMBA all KEYS are taken prior to the core courses. For the LMBA, one KEYS module will be completed as pre-work for each Certificate:  Communication and Teams is linked to the Change Management Certificate, Finance Fundamentals is linked to the Management Analytics Certificate, Critical Thinking is linked to the Strategy and Execution Certificate, and it is assumed that Digital Literacy has been completed at the beginning of the Program.