Chicagoland MBA Programs & Graduate Certificates

At LFGSM, we offer two unique MBA degree programs that serve to broaden your strengths and allow you to rise higher in your career. The Leadership MBA (LMBA) is a general management business degree, typically serving a student population with more work experience. Our Immersion MBA (iMBA) allows those with less real-world experience to become immersed in a virtual-reality clone of a real company with real products, customers, competitors, opportunities and failures. By rotating through as many as 10 of the company’s departments, you learn core business functions by actually working in each area.

Explore each master degree program and see which is right for you!

Our Master Degree Programs – MBA & Graduate Certificates

LMBALeadership MBA

The Lake Forest Leadership MBA is a general management business degree, providing a broad knowledge base in the areas that are critical for success in today’s business environment. Timely business topics are incorporated into a curriculum which includes accounting, business management and policy, communications, economics, finance, marketing, organizational development, and strategy.


iMBAImmersion MBA or iMBA

During your iMBA, 75% of your time will be spent in the virtual-reality environment and 25% participating in online discussions and group projects with your fellow students and faculty. This allows you to benefit from the interaction with your virtual bosses and co-workers, and then take the learning to the next level through conversations with other students and faculty members.


Non-Degree CertificatesGraduate Level Certificate Programs

Professionals who are non-degree-seekers can choose to benefit from the Leadership MBA curriculum or the Immersion MBA (iMBA) by pursuing a Graduate-level Certificate Program, derived from the core courses in the LMBA program. With LFGSM’s signature “learn it today, use it tomorrow” approach to business education, certificate students will be able to acquire the specific graduate level skills they most desire.