Our Leadership

Our Chicago Business Leaders continuously Improve our Programs

LFGSM’s mission and values guide planning, decision making and communication processes. The School follows a formal strategic planning process each year that begins with a review of its mission.

Top-level goals for the School are identified and then cascaded from the department level all the way to individual employee goals. The goals for the School and each department are shared with the staff and a high-level view is communicated to faculty and students.

Management Board members review their department’s goals with their Board committees, which exercise an appropriate governance role in addition to providing support and guidance. Incorporated in the plan each year are specific goals relating to fulfilling the School’s accreditation and legal requirements.

Values are used to prioritize and guide the development and execution of the organization’s strategic goals. Assessment of how well an employee performs in accordance with the values is incorporated directly into the annual review process. Our programs, communication, leadership and processes are created with the idea that serving our students, corporate clients and other constituent groups in an ethical manner that truly serves their needs is paramount to fulfilling our mission.