Faculty Resources & Involvement

At LFGSM, we actively support our faculty members through frequent development opportunities and sounds administrative guidance. We recognize the value of our faculty's business experience, and encourage them to share their knowledge and teaching success. This ensure current, relevant content in the courses and best practices in the classroom.

Faculty Workshops

LFGSM creates and sponsors faculty workshops as part of our commitment to:

  •  Help faculty members enhance their classroom presentation, delivery, and evaluation skills
  •  Provide new ideas in course content and instruction
  •  Assist faculty in remaining current with emerging business practices and technologies
Curriculum Development

Individual faculty members teach within a course framework provided by the School. This includes a course description, learning outcomes and competencies, and session guidelines. LFGSM actively solicits the input of our faculty in developing course content and selecting course materials through:

  •  Sharing of best practices to enhance classroom learning
  •  Serving on curriculum councils and collaborating on special projects
  • Participating in the continuous improvement of learning outcomes and course content

At LFGSM, we focus on student learning. Faculty members are actively involved in program improvement through the assessment of both student achievement and program effectiveness.

Dean Support

The deans support faculty members by:

  •  Providing one-on-one coaching, support, and evaluation
  •  Helping improve delivery techniques and effectiveness
  • Assisting with selection and acquisition of course materials
  •  Advising on student and campus specific issues