Our Faculty Mentoring Program

LFGSM offers many services to future faculty members to develop and prepare them for the classroom. They are introduced to the teaching experience by participating in the LFGSM Faculty Mentoring Program. Successful completion of the mentoring program is required prior to being awarded an LFGSM teaching agreement.

New instructors work under the guidance of a dean. They also partner with a senior faculty mentor for a variety of shared activities - classroom participation, guest lecturing, and student and mentor feedback - as experiential preparation for their own teaching success.

The LFGSM Faculty Mentoring Program specifically familiarizes new instructors with:

  •  The LFGSM Leadership LearningTM philosophy of management education
  •  Teaching methodologies and techniques for facilitation practical management education
  •  Course curriculum and materials
  • The LFGSM culture
  •  Time management and pacing techniques
  •  Methods for creating and maintaining an interactive, experiential learning environment